Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mama Ring

OOooooOoooOoOoo goodness!! It's been a while......
Haven't had much time or energy to keep the blog up, but it's never been forgotten, and here I am to update with some of the latests.... and give 2013 some posts to its credits!!!

Soooooo, May was a month that not just introduced us to the colder evenings and the pleassures of nice cuppas, but was also a very special time of the year for all the gorgeous mamas out there, specially to my own mum and my beautiful mumma friends as on the 12th we celebrated Mother's Day!

My little contribution to show them apreciation, respect and be thankful for all they do, in partcular to my wonderful Mum, was this little postcard with some rings just for them!
Here it goes!

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  1. gracias Ju es hermosa tu tarjeta !!! y tu trabajo cada día más hermoso!!!! te quiero


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