Friday, 10 January 2014

EVANGE, a Rose Ring for a pinky!

Few weeks before Christmas, Angela contacted me wondering if I could make a delicate floral ring for her girlfriend  to wear in her pinky, as she loves flowers, but she was a bit concerned that we might not have enough time for a custom made order being almost December. Of course I said YES!! haha
I always get exited about custom and personalized requests as there is something special about making real what it is in someone's dreams, that then with a little bit of their ideas, and a bit of my ideas and suggestions it becomes a new piece, created SPECIALLY for someone SPECIAL! <3 p="">
Ange and I never met before, but for one of those things when a friend knows a friend, I was recommended to her to take on her request, and so it was that we ended up finding a lot of coincidences! As it turns up, EVA who was going to be given the ring, is Argentinean like me, and Piha, where I live and work, happened to be a very dear place to them and their relationship, so as she said, this could only be a good omen!

I must say that Ange was super super easy to work with, she loved what I showed her straight away, and we decided how many flowers the ring was going to have, and the dimensions of the roses, and she suggested both their names together creating one word, EVANGE, and in a few emails she already had chosen what she wanted! Brilliant! It was a pleasure to make this ring for you!
Here are some pictures of EVA's little Christmas prezzy! <3 br="">