Saturday, 31 March 2012


Last Friday I had the awesome surprise of logging into Etsy and finding that someone from the other side of the world was choosing me to make some special rings!
He liked one of the rings I made last year, a Silver U Shape band with three silver dots on top, 100% handmade and very minimalist.
But he wanted his with a bit of a twist: instead of 3 dots, he wanted only 2, and on top of the top plate he wanted a hammered copper plate. And he wanted 2 of the same! 
I was shy to ask what was the occasion, but I thought it is more poetic if I leave it to my thoughts to guess...
Maybe it was for two very good friends that wanted to wear the same rings, maybe they were brothers, father and son... may be it was for a very special date, or something to remember...who knows? could be anything aye?
I'd like to think that it was special anyway... I know it made me feel special making them for them, so that counts as enough, doesn't it?
Here is what he wanted....

Friday, 30 March 2012

Lisa's 21st!! ♥

This summer has been full of fantastic events, birthday parties, weddings, BBQs and more!
One of the sweetest was Lisa's 21st!
Here in New Zealand your 21st Bday is not just a regular day, it is a big thing!
And we were honored to be invited and share with Lisa, Hayden and Sophie this special night!
In the past, Lisa saw my jewellery and wanted me to make her a ring, but we we never arranged it. So her B Day was a great opportunity for me to make something special for her!
Here is Lisa's ring!

Dale and Stace's wedding rings ♥

Earlier this summer, in beautiful Hokianga, we had the pleasure and honor to attend to our dearest friends Dale & Stace's Wedding!
It was a delightful ceremony in an outstanding setting under the trees, with lots of lovely friends and family, and a delicate (you can also say delicious) eye for detail!
From the amazing dress the bride wore, until the little mushroom sits, passing thru the vintage decorations, the cars they arrived in, the handmade and hand knit buntings on the trees, the incredible cake and cupcakes, and more, more, more... the list is infinite to count all the amazing little treasures this wedding had!
And to my own little heart, this wedding also brought an amazing special experience..... last year when they told us they were getting married, they asked me to be the one to MAKE THE BRIDE AND GROOM'S RINGS!!!!
What an honor! I was stoked! Such an amazing thing to be appointed to, yet a big responsibility, as you want to get it right, right!

I must say I was a bit scared along the process, but when we had them ready, and they tried them on, and I could see that it was what they wanted! Oh, I can't explain how gratifying that is!
So here I would like to share some of the pictures of the process, and some of the rings!
Thank you Dale and Stace for letting me be part of this important moment in your lives! ♥

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