Monday, 22 October 2012

Love is in the air...

Not so long ago, Jimmy, a friend of my lovely pal Rosa- May, after seeing some of Rosie's pieces of jewellery that I made for her, asked me if I could design a little rose ring for his girlfriend, as he was planning on popping the question!!!

I sent him some pictures with designs I made in the past, for him to have a look and after agreeing in material, sizes and details I jumped on my desk trying to achieve what we both had in mind!

The result is this delicate tiny rose, sitting on a half round band, all 100% handmade in sterling Silver!

She is a film maker and he was planning to ask her at the end of her Film presentation! I would have payed to be there and see her face!! Of course she said YES!!! and I am glad to say she loved it!!

Here are some pics for you to have a peek!