Monday, 22 October 2012

Love is in the air...

Not so long ago, Jimmy, a friend of my lovely pal Rosa- May, after seeing some of Rosie's pieces of jewellery that I made for her, asked me if I could design a little rose ring for his girlfriend, as he was planning on popping the question!!!

I sent him some pictures with designs I made in the past, for him to have a look and after agreeing in material, sizes and details I jumped on my desk trying to achieve what we both had in mind!

The result is this delicate tiny rose, sitting on a half round band, all 100% handmade in sterling Silver!

She is a film maker and he was planning to ask her at the end of her Film presentation! I would have payed to be there and see her face!! Of course she said YES!!! and I am glad to say she loved it!!

Here are some pics for you to have a peek!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Lisa & Olly's wedding Rings!

About six weeks before their wedding, Lisa contacted me saying something like "hey! I met my other half, we get married end of August and I was wondering if you could and wanted to make our rings? "

Of course I instantly said yes!!!! Surprised as I was, and equally honoured by them for choosing me to perform such a special task, I couldn't be happier with their news!!! It also brought back amazing memories of our own wedding and made me feel identified with their story: Impulsive, passioned, beautiful and magical, filled with love! How could someone say no to that??.... although I was a bit worried with the timming....but they were so relaxed about it, that it trasmitted me the peace necessary to get on a mission of this caliber!!! And there we went!!

They had very clear ideas that they wanted to materialized, so we exchanged a series of emails where I sketched a few designs, we talked about materialization possibilities, dimensions, designs, etc, they really liked a few ideas of how to make it and then they came back to me saying...we like this here, and that there, and this about this other one, what about... is it possible to put it all together??!! and they sent their sketch as well, and a few emails later, we came up with the vision of what was to be made!!! OOoooooOOooOoooo it was all so very exiting!!!

They knew exactly what they wanted!! It was amazing to make something so personalized!

The final design is a combination of symbols and shapes that represent their story and their love.

In their own words: The wave as a symbol of their love, as in a "sea of emotions"and the Pounamu in triangular shapes because "the upright pointing for him represents the masculine principle, the spiritual world, is solar, fire, trinity of love, truth&wisdom; while the inverted triangle for her stands for the feminine principle, lunar, waters, cool, body, great mother, natural world. They both put together create a STAR symbolising the union and balance of complimentary opposites."

And beacause they met in the Waipoua Forest, the brass patches come to represent the Kauri trees texture, and to give the rings an "earthly" background.

I must admit that I was a little bit scared hahahaha So much to put together, and it all needed to be represented as in their dream rings, it was all part of the design!!

I managed to make all the parts fit, and I showed them the samples, they loved it and that was really encouraging to keep going!!! In between I had a few situations that delyed the normal timming for my work, which made me struggle a little bit at the end...I was running short of time, I had a bit of a miscommunication with the stone maker, my car broke down and right at the end, a power cut when I was polishing the last bits, almost cut my breath, but the rings were finished, and noone can deny they have a story of their own!!! hahaha

And I have to say that all along the process, the tranquility and peacefulness that Lisa and Olly trasmitted me, enabled me to make these rings. They were encouraging me all the time, to not worry, saying that they knew the rings were going to be what they wanted and they even said that I should take them with me when going to the wedding! No postage because they trusted they were gona get there with me.... and I was hitch hiking to the wedding!!! These guys are amazing!

Here are some pictures of the process, the sketch, and more!
Thank you Csilla Janovski for the fantastic photos!!
My Little Eye Photography
Their sketch!! I was so clear to see exactly what they had in mind!!

The silver plates on which the designs were to be made!

Thank you Csilla for the great photos!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Knox!!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

PEACE Exhibition

This is a brooche I designed and handfabricated for the PEACE Exhibition, openning this saturday 11th of August 2012,at 2pm at the Depot, on Mount Victoria, Kerr St, in Devonport, AKL.
The exhibition of the members of the Gallery, commemorating the 20 years of NZ being NUCLEAR FREE will be part of a bigger event, the Cultural Mapping Exhibition, held by the Depot Galleries.
The name of my piece is Feather, here are some pictures (Please forgive the bad quality, didn't have any good light that day and I was posting it to the gallerystreight after so I didn't have any chances to get better ones...)
If you like it, you can buy it at the exhibition.


Este es un broche que diseNe y fabrique a mano para la exposicion PAZ que empieza eeste sabado 11 de Agosto 2012, a las 2pm en el Depot, en Mount Victoria, Kerr Street en Devonport, AKL.
La exposicion va a mostrar yrabajos de los miembros d ela Galeria, conmemorando los 20 aNos de Nueva Zelanda libre de energia/residuo nuclear; y sera parte de un evento aun mayor, El Mapa Cultural, llevado a cabo por el grupo de galerias Depot.
El nombre de mi pieza es PLUMA, aca les dejo unas fotos (perdonen la mala calidad, ese dia no tenia buena luz y tenia q mandarlo por correo a la galeria asique no tuve oportunidad de sacar mejores fotos...)
Si les gusta, lo pueden venir a ver, y se lo puede comprar en la exposicion.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


These are "postcards" I made with my new designs Aotearoa inspired!
I also changed my logo, I get a lil bit bored when I see the same thing over an over again...
Leave a comment, let me know what you think about both, the new logo and the new jewellery (oh! and the postcards of course!! haha)


Estas son unas "postales" que hice para mostrar mis nuevos diseNos inspirados en New Zealand!
Tambien cambie mi logo, me aburro cuando veo lo mismo una y otra vez...
Dejame un comentario, y decime que pensas de ambas cosas, el logo y los nuevos disenos! (ah! y de las poostales tambien!)jaja

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Regalo para Mama ♥ Gift for Mum

Lucky me, I was visiting Argentina (my home country ♥) just on time to be with my family on my Mum's Birthday!!
So before leaving New Zealand, I made a brooche for her inspired by her love for earthy colours, her passion for wool & textils techniques and the magic of textures!
I used copper to symbolize the browns, oranges and gold colours from the land, hammered to add a nice texture, and I used Sterling Silver as a base plate. The touch of distinction was using my mum's hand-spun and home-dyed wool (all by her! ♥) with local natural & organic pigments lovingly selected and hand picked also by her!! Amazing lady ♥
Here I am sharing some pictures!

Afortunadamente, estuve visitando Argentina justo a tiempo para estar con mi familia en el cumple de mi Mama!
Asi que antes de salir de NZ, hice un brooche para ella inspirado en su amor por los colores Tierra, su pasion por la lana y las tecnicas textiles y en la magia de las texturas!
Use cobre para simbolizar los arrones, naranjas y oros de la tierra, martille la placa para darle una linda textura, y use Plata 925 como placa base. El toque de distincion fue el usar las lanitas hiladas y teNidas a mano por mi mama, con pigmentos locales, naturales y organicos seleccionados y juntados con amor, tabien por ella! Increible mujer ♥!
Aca les comparto algunas fotos!


Monday, 30 April 2012

My new toys...

I´ve been after this set of letters for a while now, and after having my eyes on them, wishing them and imaginning all the things I could do with them, I finally have them in my hands!!!!

Hace bastante que vengo queriendo tener mi set de letras, luego de mucho esperarlos, desearlos e imaginar las cosas que podre hacer con ellos, finalmente los tengo en mis manos!

Saturday, 31 March 2012


Last Friday I had the awesome surprise of logging into Etsy and finding that someone from the other side of the world was choosing me to make some special rings!
He liked one of the rings I made last year, a Silver U Shape band with three silver dots on top, 100% handmade and very minimalist.
But he wanted his with a bit of a twist: instead of 3 dots, he wanted only 2, and on top of the top plate he wanted a hammered copper plate. And he wanted 2 of the same! 
I was shy to ask what was the occasion, but I thought it is more poetic if I leave it to my thoughts to guess...
Maybe it was for two very good friends that wanted to wear the same rings, maybe they were brothers, father and son... may be it was for a very special date, or something to remember...who knows? could be anything aye?
I'd like to think that it was special anyway... I know it made me feel special making them for them, so that counts as enough, doesn't it?
Here is what he wanted....

Friday, 30 March 2012

Lisa's 21st!! ♥

This summer has been full of fantastic events, birthday parties, weddings, BBQs and more!
One of the sweetest was Lisa's 21st!
Here in New Zealand your 21st Bday is not just a regular day, it is a big thing!
And we were honored to be invited and share with Lisa, Hayden and Sophie this special night!
In the past, Lisa saw my jewellery and wanted me to make her a ring, but we we never arranged it. So her B Day was a great opportunity for me to make something special for her!
Here is Lisa's ring!