Friday, 6 June 2014

Introducing our Men's Jewellery

Ok, so lately I've been requested some very special commissions and this one in particular I thought you might like as it's not only something new the fact of venturing into a MEN's range of jewellery but it's also very special because this ring I made is for a new fab friend that has joined our lovely community and it has a deep symbolism that will make your hearts beat!

Mariano recently moved to Piha to start a new episode in his life, so chatting around he told me he wanted something to mark this point, this new beginning. Mariano has three beautiful kids, Anika, Kaio and Inaya that are like the sun shinning 24/7! These absolutely gorgeous little people are the most important thing in his life, so thinking about his story and getting to know him a little bit, I thought the design of his new piece of jewellery definitely needed to represent this bond and the four of them....this is what I made

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A wedding in the US....

I was on a weekend with friends in Waiheke Island when I received an email that melted my heart and made me stare at the computer with a silly smile and teary eyes.....let me tell you the story....
Marshall, a lovely man from Minnesota who fell in love with Lucy, a lovely lady from Wellington, was writing the words. Marshall met Lucy while travelling/working in New Zealand a year ago and it was instant, their love grew as it does in these cases, knowing no barriers, no distances and filling your tummy with butterflies, so they decided to get married and start their life together! The wedding yet to be, was taking place in the US, and being forced to be apart until visas were ready, they decided to do so while engaged rather than when already married; so here he was, working long days and long hours back in the US,  getting ready for the arrival of his beautiful lady (wife to be!!) while they were waiting for the visa process to conclude. And he thought, given that not everyone Lucy loves was able to travel to the wedding,  how special it would be if they had something that they could wear on that day and think of each other as they were together, so he decided he wanted to give them that something special to represent their bonds and be together beside the distance. In his words: "I was wondering if you could create something to affirm their strong bonds and unrelenting love even though they are many kms apart." 

This surprise was not just for Lucy, but for her mum, and two grannies as well. So 4 pieces were commissioned and let me tell you, I loved making each one of them!! Each one individually created, designed and inspired in his words, entirely handmade by me, a personalised range of jewellery in which each one of the roses I made from scratch, petal by petal, for them to represent each one of the ladies and their love bond. Hope you fall in love with them as I did!

Marshall saw my work on a Kia Ora magazine while on a plane in one of his visits to New Zealand to see Lucy (Kia Ora Magazine, Feb 2014). He wanted the personalised jewellery to be made in Aotearoa.

A 100% handmade personalised  little rose ring for Lucy. AROHA word engraved inside and the initials of the 4 lovely ladies.

A 100% handmade personalised  Rose & rosebud ring, for Nancy, her gran from dad's side. The Roses represent Lucy and Nancy. The initials of Lucy, Nancy, her husband and son (Lucy's Dad) are engraved inside.

A 100% handmade personalised  rose & rosebuds ring for Suze, Lucy's mum, representing the 3 ladies together, Mum, Daughter and Grandaughter, their 3 initials engraved inside.

A 100% handmade personalised  roses & rosebud Necklace for Penny, Lucy's gran from mum's side, representing the 3 ladies again, and their initials in the back of each flower.

Lucy, Peggy, Nancy & Suze's personalised range of jewellery, unique as each one of them!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Kia Ora Magazine

Last February, following Valentine's theme, we had the lovely surprise of finding our AROHA Heart Ring featured on Kia Ora Magazine (Air New Zealand)
For all of you that saw the pic up in the air cruising skies,  hope you got inspired by this Love Statement ring and had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

100% sterling silver (925), 100% handmade with ♥ in Piha-Aotearoa by Julia Marin

Monday, 10 February 2014

Poppies for Poppies....

There is a sweet mamma.....there are three gorgeous daughters...
Sweet poppies with name initials on mamma's ring. Sweet little poppy for Poppy...

Friday, 10 January 2014

EVANGE, a Rose Ring for a pinky!

Few weeks before Christmas, Angela contacted me wondering if I could make a delicate floral ring for her girlfriend  to wear in her pinky, as she loves flowers, but she was a bit concerned that we might not have enough time for a custom made order being almost December. Of course I said YES!! haha
I always get exited about custom and personalized requests as there is something special about making real what it is in someone's dreams, that then with a little bit of their ideas, and a bit of my ideas and suggestions it becomes a new piece, created SPECIALLY for someone SPECIAL! <3 p="">
Ange and I never met before, but for one of those things when a friend knows a friend, I was recommended to her to take on her request, and so it was that we ended up finding a lot of coincidences! As it turns up, EVA who was going to be given the ring, is Argentinean like me, and Piha, where I live and work, happened to be a very dear place to them and their relationship, so as she said, this could only be a good omen!

I must say that Ange was super super easy to work with, she loved what I showed her straight away, and we decided how many flowers the ring was going to have, and the dimensions of the roses, and she suggested both their names together creating one word, EVANGE, and in a few emails she already had chosen what she wanted! Brilliant! It was a pleasure to make this ring for you!
Here are some pictures of EVA's little Christmas prezzy! <3 br="">