Friday, 6 June 2014

Introducing our Men's Jewellery

Ok, so lately I've been requested some very special commissions and this one in particular I thought you might like as it's not only something new the fact of venturing into a MEN's range of jewellery but it's also very special because this ring I made is for a new fab friend that has joined our lovely community and it has a deep symbolism that will make your hearts beat!

Mariano recently moved to Piha to start a new episode in his life, so chatting around he told me he wanted something to mark this point, this new beginning. Mariano has three beautiful kids, Anika, Kaio and Inaya that are like the sun shinning 24/7! These absolutely gorgeous little people are the most important thing in his life, so thinking about his story and getting to know him a little bit, I thought the design of his new piece of jewellery definitely needed to represent this bond and the four of them....this is what I made

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  1. genial Julia me encanta la interpretaciĆ³n de su nueva historia !!! te felicito!!♥♥♥


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