Sunday, 9 June 2013

Matariki is upon us! Arohanui!

Matariki ever since I read about it, it took a spot in my heart, being such a beautiful celebration making us remember the value of our land, encouriging us to have more appreciation for the awesomeness around us, and to be grateful for our families and friends. To me it represents a time of gatherings, sharing nice food and a time for new begginings, the restart of new cicles as well as letting go and closing cicles too, and a time for learning and reflecting. A New Year, a fresh start! And Beautiful starts in our sky!

All this made big resonance in me, probably for particular situations that affected my life this past year, so my way to embrace this Matariki wonderful aspects was to make a piece that could resemble all this and also show a powerful feminine imprint, given the asociation of the constellation with women.

I made a brooche, which is the representation of the skies (RANGINUI in Maori culture), and in that big Sky seven ladies representing each one a different aspect of what Matariki is about.

The Mother, or the eldest sister, is PAPATUANUKU (or Pachamama in our South american cultures) the Mother Earth, wife of Ranginui.
The six other ladies (sisters/daughters) represent in Maori words, things to think about and have present always, specially during Matariki times of changes.

WHENUA (land, providing us with food and shelter),
KAI (our feed, to share, to live)
WHANAU (our Family, our friends, remembering to be greateful for them and be there for them as well)
WANANGA (a time for learning, new beggining doesn't mean forgetting, it is learning from the mistakes of the past to not make them again)
MANAWA (heart, and hope, a new start is always a sign of hope, is the new beggining) and WHAKAPAPA (tradition, linage, from generation to next generation, knowledge)

It is displayed at the West Coast Gallery in Piha, and will be on exhibition until the 7th of July!
(It is sold already!!! yay!!!)

Here I will share some pictures of the process and the final piece! Hope you like it!

And like they say in the Game of Thrones...haha "Winter is coming..." which is what the constellation marks in the sky, yes,  the beginning of winter, brrrrrrrr.... so grab a cuppa, lite a fire, gather with good peeps and if you are going thru some harsh times, don't let winter bring you down...Kia Kaha my friends!
Beginning of winter means colder days, but also longer day light! Countdown for summer beggins!

the idea begins

in the process

getting there!


Mama Ring

OOooooOoooOoOoo goodness!! It's been a while......
Haven't had much time or energy to keep the blog up, but it's never been forgotten, and here I am to update with some of the latests.... and give 2013 some posts to its credits!!!

Soooooo, May was a month that not just introduced us to the colder evenings and the pleassures of nice cuppas, but was also a very special time of the year for all the gorgeous mamas out there, specially to my own mum and my beautiful mumma friends as on the 12th we celebrated Mother's Day!

My little contribution to show them apreciation, respect and be thankful for all they do, in partcular to my wonderful Mum, was this little postcard with some rings just for them!
Here it goes!