Friday, 30 March 2012

Lisa's 21st!! ♥

This summer has been full of fantastic events, birthday parties, weddings, BBQs and more!
One of the sweetest was Lisa's 21st!
Here in New Zealand your 21st Bday is not just a regular day, it is a big thing!
And we were honored to be invited and share with Lisa, Hayden and Sophie this special night!
In the past, Lisa saw my jewellery and wanted me to make her a ring, but we we never arranged it. So her B Day was a great opportunity for me to make something special for her!
Here is Lisa's ring!


  1. Me encanta a ese lo tengo relojeado jajjaja
    besitos ♥

  2. And a beautiful ring it is, thankyou Julia you really do have a gift! x

  3. Qué linda la foto sobre la piña!!!
    che vi que hiciste cambios en el header, ta lindo!!!
    Sacá las palabras de verificación de comebntarios que son un embole!
    vas a Diseño, Configuración, Comentarios, y allí abajo te pregunta si querés mostrar palabras o no, you choose No, JA JA :) (escribo a lo indio??)


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